Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful Weekend. It been months that we last went out for shopping.
We went to orchard after the enrolment session in school which only take us about 30mins to finish it.
Although I didn't manage to get any stuff for myself.
But Aubrey manage bought quite a few items.
A Jeans, A Tee, A G-shock watch(which I give him as Christmas Present)
We Went to lots of Branded Store.
And Both of us eye on to some bags and wallets from Gucci.
Think have to save up some more before we can own one of it.

They are my Cousin Kids. Cute right.She isn't force to take photo with me. I ask her if i can take photo with you and she knot her head. So cute. Just that she just wake up. So blur blur.

Closet Collection V Updated!
Fail to upload the banner here.
Error, I don't know why. Sad

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