Saturday, January 30, 2010

Closet Collection 10 Preview

Closet Collection 10 Preview
Only manage to upload this few item here.
Haven't finish editing the rest of the photo.
This is the first time The Design Closets Step Into The studio for photo taking.
And is also our first time to bring in so many design.
It might be our last CNY Edition. As my project are all due once after CNY.
So hope you girls can support this edition,
If response good then I try to have one last CNY Collection next week :)

What we have for the next collection?
Modern Cheongsam Top. What you see below is the one which i like, Unique.
No more old fashion Cheongsam top.
Another Cheongsam top, has nice sew little floral on it. Pretty. (Check it out on Mon 2pm)
What else? Lots of Chiffon Dress and also the Most popular Toga Dress. Top Shop Inspired Top.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sharing Time

Sharing Time
Bought Caramel Corn @ Daiso on Sunday.

Philina, Sally and My Favourite.

Scary Experience yesterday. This brand of dye, nice colour
But i apply the foam, I realize there is a lot of fallen hair on my finger.
During the wash, I experience more fallen hair.
But lucky after washing it, no more fallen hair.
My hair is thick, so by look is no diff.
But by touch, It seem like i just trim my hair thin.
So sad. I think i lost 100 to 200 hair bah...
Don't know izzit i use too much strength or it hurt my scrap.
Use Loreal will be much better.
This brand colour is more nice and suitable for youngster.
Mine look like nature brown.
really like the colour but i don't dare to use this brand again.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our 3rd Anniversary

Finally Celebrate our 3Year Anniversary
Went to Vivo: Shin Kushiya Japanese Grill Restaurant.
Food, normal only but environment not bad.

Dad So Good, Lend Aubrey his car for a week.
Went up to Mt Faber and Henderson Waves after dinner.

Closet Collection 9

Click on banner to enter collection

Still Waiting for the studio person to reply my email.
Hopefully next collection photo will be taken in a studio.

Sentence of the day :p
Yesterday lecturer say that by increasing wages will
allow worker to work harder for you. When you pay
your worker less, worker will not work hard and yet eat snake.
"Pay Nuts and you will only get monkey"
haha. I am the monkey now.
Work here for 2.5years, no increment no 13mth bonus.
So just eat snake :p

Friday, January 22, 2010


Am I able to finish my projects before CNY?
Just started school 2 wks ago, but Project going to due on 18 and 20 of feb.
That's the problem with part time student.
Haven't really study about the subject, lecturer start saying about project.
Only manage to find my new Project group mate yesterday.
Pray for a smooth project this time round.

Going to be 6pm soon.
But decided to blog abit.
cause still waiting for Aubrey to drive me off from work.
Gonna go take new stock for my closet collection later.

Check out my new Closet Collection 9 this Mon :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cooking Time

So Bored @ Work today.
Time move so slow + Boss Keep smoking in the office.
Make Dinner for myself and Aubrey Yesterday,
cause he got class yesterday night.
Cook Fried Rice, Chicken wing and Mushroom Soup.

Got My first Nuffnang Cheque Yesterday :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Chain Halter Top

Abit down now. Saw your miss call.
I thought you want to tell me that I am sorry.
But all i heard is, "your customer just came, I put the $ on the table".
Thats all. How long can i endure till you make the first move.

Went to take backorder Item yesterday.
Didn't want to bring in new design for next week.
However, Cannot stop myself from bring new stock in for next collection.
Too Beautiful already. Think you girls will love it too.
I got this Chain halter Top both Black and blue for myself.
Match it with a shorts to work today.
Gonna sit here and don't move around till 130pm.
So no one will spot me wearing a pair of shorts to work :p
So tired. Still need to go to school @ 330pm all the way till 630pm again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stand a Chance to Win 2 Closet Collection Clothes.

Blog About THE DESIGN CLOSETS now in your personal Blog
+ Some Photo of you wearing our Collection Clothes
& Stand a Chance to Win 2 Closet Collection Clothes.

Email me your blog link before 28 Feb 2010.
Winner will be out first week of Mar :)

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buddies Gathering

Meet my Buddies Yesterday after my work @ Tampines Mall.
As Usually Photo Session in Toilet :")
Taken With Philina New Camera.
Samsung ST500. With a Small Screen at the front of the camera.
Good For Self-taking. A camera which I plan to get.
I want ST550. But too Ex. Iphone first then Camera.
One Interesting effect samsung camera have, Beauty effect.
make your face more smooth :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tired Life + Closet 7

What a tiring week. But it will not end here.
It will carry on all the way till Jun or till Nov.
Every day work From 930am till 6pm.
Tue, Thur School 7pm till 10pm.
Sat 930am work till 1.30pm, Then 3.30pm school till 630pm.
Sun morning go church, afternoon phototaking for closet
collection then Badminton in the evening.
No rest....

Visit Now :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busy Afternoon

What A Busy Afternoon.
Went to bank to get cashier order (Cheque) for aubrey and my School fee.
But fail to get it, Cause they say i need to bring my share a/c atm card or Bank book.
I only bought my IC and my person atm card.
So decided to get cheque from person a/c But end up, not enough $ inside.
Call my friend and mum to help mi ibanking to transfer share a/c to person a/c but Fail again.
went back office and went back to bank again.
Run here and there. But nvm, Finally Settle.

One More show I am watching now.
A Korean Show: Temptation of Wife
Channel U was Doing it now.
Ya show that house wife watch. haha.
But this show is really nice.
Total 73 Ep. Each Ep 90mins. U channel only do till Ep 19.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Closet Plan

Just Open a Backorder for these Jacket.
Tot of getting one for myself too.
Should I get black again??
Black is for favourite Colour for Clothes.
Why? cause is easy to match.
Was thinking of manufacturing clothes for my store now.
Anyway Girls got any good manufacturer to recommend?

Hope can manufacture it before CNY.
So that you girls can get your CNY clothes from my collection :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

Movie Review :p
Went to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 on mon.
Nice Show. Love this 3 girls.

So cute. I can only say both part 1 and 2 is nice.
But Part 1 got more singing. This slightly lesser.

Back To School

First Day of school yesterday.
Bored to the max.
Went of half way thru the Lecture.
A Lecturer from RMIT.
Think 90% of the student in the hall yesterday was attending lesson with this eyes -.-
Try to hard to focus but fail.
Cause he is doing a long Intro For the module.
Tonight is his lesson again.
One week 3 days of Employment relationship lecture.
Tue, Wed, Sat.
But lucky sat is SIM Lecturer.
So should be ok to keep me awake.

Diff country diff kind of learning style :)

Got a feeling that we will also run off half way thru the lecture.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Malaysia Trip: Day 1

Finally, My turn turn to travel.
Sad to say, To Malaysia only.
Travel to Where: Malaysia
Travel on: 01 Jan to 03 Jan
Travel With Who: Mum,Dad & Aubrey

Aubrey Driving Us from Bedok to Johor.
Half way change to a more
experience driver, My dad.
First Stop: @ Johor to have our lunch. came to a place recommend by Church friend.
However, Only the following Foods are nice. The rest...err....

After Long Hours of traveling.
Finally Up to Genting Highland.

We Went Round And Round of Genting, To look for Hotel.
Most of Them are fully book.
Thanks God after a few search around Genting, we manage to found an
apartment with 1 Big living Room, Dinning area, 2 room and 2 toilet.

After Resting For A while, we decide to go down for a walk and dinner.We went to this restaurant recommended by my relative.

And A walk around Theme Park Hotel.

The Tooth Fairy.