Saturday, October 23, 2010

East Coast + Cycle

I am here to destress abit.
Has been study for the whole entire week.
But nothing much is install into my brain.
Dead. First paper Marketing Research on the coming Thur (28 Oct).
I need to score at least a pass for all the paper this sem.
As my project is totally gone case.
This sem lecturers mark without any mercy. Sad.


Can't wait for 04 Nov to come.
I rather work then study :(
Maybe because i love my job :p

Gonna move to my new house once i am done with my exam.
Hopfully i can do another collection right after the exam before i move to my new place.

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Went to East Coast at the beginning of this mth. But didn't have a chance to blog it.
As usual, we will rent a bicycle.
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We will always take a break here. To take a look at the wonders of God creation.
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Bicycle for 2
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Clever Doggy
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Love this photo :p
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This photo isn't perfect as both of us got difficultly opening our eyes.
Strong sunlight over there :p
But is the best in all the photo i have here.

Gonna get back to my notes already :(
Ps: To all the customer who mail is still in my inbox. Please forgive me, I can only get back to u girls on 05 Nov and all parcel will be mail out on 05 Nov. Please email me again if u didn't receive any email from me by 06 Nov :)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Her Periwinkle

Remember how THE DESIGN CLOSETS Start off as?
Yes, Taiwan Spree.

Spree Collection has slowly pass on to my buddy Philina after Closet Collection open.
Now it has officially move out of TDC.
Her Periwinkle is the new name.
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Sweet right :)

Their Instock area are still under construction.
So do expect more instock to be uploaded this week.
But their Taiwan spree has already OPEN!
Joyce, Cutie, Cynthia and Skyblue.
Which is all my fav spree.

Some of my choices here :p
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exam Again!

Exam AGAIN! :(
Trying to control myself not to open my gmail a/c.
Once i open it, I will start working non-stop.
So all TDC customer, please forgive me for slow reply or no reply :p

Need to focus on my exam from today till 04 Nov.
I don't want to fail any subject. Is painful to even study one more sem.
1 more year from grad. Can't wait to grad. I need my degree!

Will settle all email once i finish my paper on 04 Nov.
All parcel will also be mail out on 05 Nov.

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Lazy to put on make up. Only powder on. In love with my maxi dress.
Got lots of maxi dress in my closet, but didn't have a chance to wear it out :)
06 Nov outdoor shooting with Aubrey.
Excited yet nervous.
Shooting is normal to me. But not infront of the camera.
I still prefer to be behind the scene :p

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Did you girls realise this?
TDC First Label is out.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wizard of Paws

Yeah another visit to Wizard of Paws yesterday to get some food for my Cat.
I am always that excited to enter my cousin store.
Full of dogs and cats :)
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So fat and cute right. Cannot stop laughing at his face and nose.
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My dark ring... Sick for the last few days + TDC work.. make my dark ring worst.

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Love his fur.
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New Cat in the store.
He got 2 diff colour eyes which mean he is deaf.
Poor kitty.