Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hoping For A More Meaningful Life

So Tired today.
Like What Natalie, Can't wait for Friday to come :p
Friday = Stock Day.
Where we go find new Design of stock for your store.

Eileen, I not going to change my work to that Co. already.
Aubrey don't really support cause he heard alot of bad experience from his friend.
ST call me personally yesterday before i knock off to meet Eileen @ Tampines Mall.
Arhh...We forgot to take some photo yesterday.
Nvm...Eileen date me out soon ok. haha.

Your gals saw the news about the weather?
Sound so scary. Is the end of the earth coming soon?
If is really coming to the end of the earth, What will you do?

I still got a lots of things haven't do or went in my life.
- Open a Store of my own
- Get Marry
- Travel around the world
- Friends around me haven't believe Jesus yet.
(Friends Help me accomplish this wish so we can go Heaven together)
If I will to continue writing the list of things i have accomplish in my life,
It will be super long. It will be longer than the list of task I accomplish.

Sometime I really feel is a waste of time to sit in this office.
Wasting my life. Can't imagine, when the moment of the end of the world
and i am still sitting in this office doing nothing. Like waiting to die.
Really not worth it.

Check out my new Collection :p

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