Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Show Review I

So bored today.
Finish my office stuff and store stuff already.
Now waiting for 6pm. Raining again.
Make me even more sleepy.
Share with you girls some show that I am watching now :)

Hi My Sweetheart
By Yang Cheng Ling and Xiao Zhu.
Good to keep you entertain.Is a comedy.
Where Xiao Zhu act with a mushroom head.
Xiao Zhu Show is always the best.

MoMo Love
By 2 Member of Fei Lun Hai and Wang Xin Ling.
About 4 brother that love their sister like crazy.
And over protect her. The Main thing about this show is.
Her Bro very handsome. Haha.

Liar Game 2

A Japanese Show. A Must to watch.
Toda Erika on the Left is the one who act in Death Note 2.
Matsuda Shota on the right is the one who act in Hana Yori Dango.
Very Cool Story line :)

Next Show which I can't wait to watch.

Code Blue 2
Is a must to watch this. Girls go watch the Code Blue 1 and special first.
Sad. All my friend don't watch Japanese Show.
Only I and Shah Love to watch.
Anyway this show got my Favourite Japanese Actor, Yamashita Tomohisa.
And my Favourite Japanese Actress Toda Erika.
This show is about 4 Doctor Heli Trainee.
But Season 2 will only start on 2010 Jan 10.

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