Saturday, December 26, 2009


Merry Christmas to all my friends!
I spend my Christmas with family and Boy friend this year.
End work early on Christmas eve @ 4pm.
But wait for my customer @ Tiong bahru Plaza till 5pm.
Went home and doll up myself and meet Aubrey @ Clark Quay.
Ps. we don't club.
We went to TCC for a very yummy dinner.
With Soup, Main Dish, Dessert and a ice tea.
After dinner, we went walk walk around and took some photos :)
Will Share with you girls my Office Christmas Celebration in my next post.

Christmas Day is a busy day for us.
1st we went to church as early as 9am.
Cause i have a Christmas Rehearsal. Then 10am Christmas celebration start.
We went off at about 12pm. To meet Aubrey Family For Lunch @ China Town.
Then Head down to get new Closet Collection From Supplier,
and back home to down the clothes.
Then Back to Sunte
c to meet Aubrey Family For Movie.
Treasure Hunter by lin zhi ling, Jay Zhou And Cheng Bo Ling.

I Don't quite like this movie. Jay Zhou look so ugly in this show.
But Lin Zhi Ling Very pretty inside. Cheng Bo ling appear only for a few mins.
And the storyline, not very good. I rathe
r watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.

Try to act like my little puppy.

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