Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Change of Trip Again

Busy Day. Just Finish 5 poster in a day.
But More to come....
So down....I wanna go for a holiday.
But the plan keep change and change till i really don't know if i can go out of
Singapore successfully on 1Jan. So close already. But nothing is fix.
Going out with family always got this problem.
How I wish i can just plan one bangkok trip with aubrey only.
Even though the air tix is ex now.
Else we have to wait till Nov 2010 then can plan for out next trip to relax already.
School start on 5 Jan 2010 All the way non-stop till Nov 2010.

From Bangkok plan change to Genting Plan now change to a 1 day trip to johor.
Sob Sob.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

T.G.I Friday

So many Things to do today. But Low Motivation to do my office stuff.
Just To share with you girls about T.G.I Friday Restaurant.
The First time i went to T.G.I Friday Restaurant, is on May 2009 @ Taipei.
When I and Philina get lost and hungry.
and happen to see This U.S Style Restaurant, so we went it.
Both of us love this restaurant. Friendly Staff and Nice Food.
Both of us order a set meal each. Total cost about S$40(remember is a SET MEAL)

After A Few Months, We Singapore also Open one Outlet @ Heeren.
Just open not long ago. This Time round went with Aubrey.
I Order a Grill Chicken and he Order Steak as usually.
and a cup of free Flow Ice lemon Tea
Total we spent S$80+ Due to the steak.
However, He say that the steak is good.
For him to say a steak is good is very rare.
So it must be v good. Too bad, I don't dare to eat steak. Soo bloody.
Anyway I already Aim my next Dish There.
ribs. Cause I spot a English Guy eating it.
The way he eat, make mi laugh. So cute.
From the way he eat, You know that the ribs really taste so good till he lick all his fingers.

End of With my Closet New Collection :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Merry Christmas to all my friends!
I spend my Christmas with family and Boy friend this year.
End work early on Christmas eve @ 4pm.
But wait for my customer @ Tiong bahru Plaza till 5pm.
Went home and doll up myself and meet Aubrey @ Clark Quay.
Ps. we don't club.
We went to TCC for a very yummy dinner.
With Soup, Main Dish, Dessert and a ice tea.
After dinner, we went walk walk around and took some photos :)
Will Share with you girls my Office Christmas Celebration in my next post.

Christmas Day is a busy day for us.
1st we went to church as early as 9am.
Cause i have a Christmas Rehearsal. Then 10am Christmas celebration start.
We went off at about 12pm. To meet Aubrey Family For Lunch @ China Town.
Then Head down to get new Closet Collection From Supplier,
and back home to down the clothes.
Then Back to Sunte
c to meet Aubrey Family For Movie.
Treasure Hunter by lin zhi ling, Jay Zhou And Cheng Bo Ling.

I Don't quite like this movie. Jay Zhou look so ugly in this show.
But Lin Zhi Ling Very pretty inside. Cheng Bo ling appear only for a few mins.
And the storyline, not very good. I rathe
r watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.

Try to act like my little puppy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve today.
Festival Season now!
But I completely no holiday mood.
Why Why Why???
Cause Christmas and New year all fall on Fri.
And I still have to work on Sat.
So down.

Christmas Eve also work full time.
Now the aunties is preparing the Christmas party in the office kitchen.
Ya, Christmas party in the office. No buffet. Is pot luck.
Each person prepare one dish.
Budget. Hai....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boring office life

So Bored today. Just finish doing 3 poster for my office promotion.
Was watching Bubzbeauty Blog and video just now.
Take a look at her video. She can teach you have how to make up.
Trying to learn her Smokey eye make up. But I think i will end up like panda.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Went to East Coast Yesterday Morning, to cycle with aubrey Family.

Left to Right: Aubrey Mama, Er yi and aubrey

Aubrey Bro and his wife

Aubrey and Me. Tired Face.
cause wake up so early to cycle + The Sun is so big on that day.

I Didn't Know That East Coast sea is so Blue.
Did the Gov did something on them?
I Didn't remember they are so clean.

yuki New Friend. His Name is Dirty as you can see from his colour.
So Cute Right. Every time i look at him, I wanna laugh.
He always give a very poor thing expression. But he got a gentle voice. Meow.
He came up that day to look for my cat yuki.
But Yuki as usual, Don't like any other animal.

Just To share some thing to my friend.
How to make your Eye Big and Fresh?

FreshKon Alluring Eyes (Mystical Black)
Yes, like what my friend say your eye is already big.
But because it is big and it cause me to have sleepy eye.
as there are alot of extra white space.
So by putting this contact lens can make your black area
bigger and White area lesser.
the Price is usually S$25 per box. Monthly Contact Lens.
But You can some time get it at S$45 for 2 box :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Polariod Camera

Yeah! Bought A New Toy which I want it v v long ago.
Mini 7s White Japan Limited Edition. A Polaroid Camera.
1 Camera (1 Yr Warranty), 1 Plain Film, 1 Lilo and stitch Film and 1 Close up Len w Self Taking Mirror. Trust-able Blog Store..
Bought It from Yesterday Morning
And Self Collect It From Her Place @ Night @ Bedok North Near 85 Market.

Yes I did Bought a Retro Polaroid Camera before this.
But I Didn't go find the film. Cause is too retro, Film can only purchase from oversea (online)
So I decided to sell it off back to the online store which i bought it from.

I am a Very Technology Girl. Haha. I am not willing to Spend $ on branded.
But I will spend $ on IT stuff. Let Me Recall What IT Stuff I using Now.
- Onima Phone
- Itouch
- MacBook
- Portable Hard Disk
- External Hard Disk (Got problem already. Dun noe y cannot connect to com. scare)
- Canon Digital Camera
- Canon DSRL Camera
Retro Polaroid Camera
- Mini 7s Polaroid Camera
Alot right.... Think I really Spend Alot of $ on these Stuff
Esti About $3k+ mm. Sound ok hoi. For So many this. Haha.

I Really Hope I will not regret buying this camera.
But I the moment I haven Really Try it yet.
May Be Will try it later.

Took Some Photo With Aubrey Yesterday Night.
Cause Nothing to do while waiting for 1030pm
So we can go collect camera.

Below is some photo of the tired Couple (dark ring come out already)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Messy Day

Today not my day.
Wake Up slightly late today.
Get some stock pack up, tot will go to supplier place today then need to return some stuff to them
and cause me to be late.
before i went out, Eye lasher drop into my eye. Took so long to take it out.
so end up miss my bus. Want to take cab but wait till rain also no cab.
+ Natalie Last min say cancel meet up today cause Huang mu shi want to meet her and my bro.
ok plan all mess up already.
And still need my mum go meet sally to pass her stuff which she need it for sat.
Messy right...
And end up I am free tonight.
Hope Aubrey will book out tonight.

Aubrey New G-Shock and my New 2010 Organiser from Art Box :)

Already Write all the public holiday, Friend Birthday and Lesson day (lecture hall) in the organizer.

Show Review I

So bored today.
Finish my office stuff and store stuff already.
Now waiting for 6pm. Raining again.
Make me even more sleepy.
Share with you girls some show that I am watching now :)

Hi My Sweetheart
By Yang Cheng Ling and Xiao Zhu.
Good to keep you entertain.Is a comedy.
Where Xiao Zhu act with a mushroom head.
Xiao Zhu Show is always the best.

MoMo Love
By 2 Member of Fei Lun Hai and Wang Xin Ling.
About 4 brother that love their sister like crazy.
And over protect her. The Main thing about this show is.
Her Bro very handsome. Haha.

Liar Game 2

A Japanese Show. A Must to watch.
Toda Erika on the Left is the one who act in Death Note 2.
Matsuda Shota on the right is the one who act in Hana Yori Dango.
Very Cool Story line :)

Next Show which I can't wait to watch.

Code Blue 2
Is a must to watch this. Girls go watch the Code Blue 1 and special first.
Sad. All my friend don't watch Japanese Show.
Only I and Shah Love to watch.
Anyway this show got my Favourite Japanese Actor, Yamashita Tomohisa.
And my Favourite Japanese Actress Toda Erika.
This show is about 4 Doctor Heli Trainee.
But Season 2 will only start on 2010 Jan 10.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderful Weekend. It been months that we last went out for shopping.
We went to orchard after the enrolment session in school which only take us about 30mins to finish it.
Although I didn't manage to get any stuff for myself.
But Aubrey manage bought quite a few items.
A Jeans, A Tee, A G-shock watch(which I give him as Christmas Present)
We Went to lots of Branded Store.
And Both of us eye on to some bags and wallets from Gucci.
Think have to save up some more before we can own one of it.

They are my Cousin Kids. Cute right.She isn't force to take photo with me. I ask her if i can take photo with you and she knot her head. So cute. Just that she just wake up. So blur blur.

Closet Collection V Updated!
Fail to upload the banner here.
Error, I don't know why. Sad

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hoping For A More Meaningful Life

So Tired today.
Like What Natalie, Can't wait for Friday to come :p
Friday = Stock Day.
Where we go find new Design of stock for your store.

Eileen, I not going to change my work to that Co. already.
Aubrey don't really support cause he heard alot of bad experience from his friend.
ST call me personally yesterday before i knock off to meet Eileen @ Tampines Mall.
Arhh...We forgot to take some photo yesterday.
Nvm...Eileen date me out soon ok. haha.

Your gals saw the news about the weather?
Sound so scary. Is the end of the earth coming soon?
If is really coming to the end of the earth, What will you do?

I still got a lots of things haven't do or went in my life.
- Open a Store of my own
- Get Marry
- Travel around the world
- Friends around me haven't believe Jesus yet.
(Friends Help me accomplish this wish so we can go Heaven together)
If I will to continue writing the list of things i have accomplish in my life,
It will be super long. It will be longer than the list of task I accomplish.

Sometime I really feel is a waste of time to sit in this office.
Wasting my life. Can't imagine, when the moment of the end of the world
and i am still sitting in this office doing nothing. Like waiting to die.
Really not worth it.

Check out my new Collection :p

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Path of Life

ok. Final. I rejected the offer.
Yes After work the agent call again.
and ST ask me to consider again and say will
offer me a chance to go oversea for work as well.
it really temp me.

Only my mum ask me to accept the offer.
She don't support me to do full time biz.
cause my dad is a bad example.
But i believe, I can do it and will not be part 2 of my dad.

The agent just call me, and i told her i rejected the offer.
she ask me will i change my mind and i say no.
She keep saying, about what i write on paper about what you
hope to see yourself to be in 5 years time.
i write senior designer. So i tell her, I got no choice but to write that
cause what i currently studying is not related on the job i am looking
for. and she agree on it too.

anyway the agent so cute. we got so many in common.
Same Diploma Course and Same Degree course.
haha. same school same course but different year.
No wonder got so many thing to talk.

Yesterday went to far east to look for store to rent.
Hope to get some reply soon.

Now my focus will be school and my store.
Jia you cheryl! and Jia you my friends.
I believe alot of you got same problem as me.
Grey area of life. Don't know what we want for future.
Don't know which path to choose.

How i choose my path?
To my interest bah.
$ isn't everything.
I don't want to be a robot who work for $ only.
No life... ...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Headache

Why STEE accept me??
crazy me right? people accept me and yet I headache.

The Job agency lady just called me, she ask what my stand now.
If STEE offer me slight higher paid then what i am getting now.
Then I tell her, actually my stand has change already.
You can withdraw me out from the list.
Then she say till like STEE very good co. and good benefit.
So i say i will get back to her.

After calling Aubrey, I decided to reject. So i send an email to the agent.
cause aubrey say, you might get a higher pay but you might not have chance to do
you online store already. cause you can't bring a harddisk to camp.
and ask me what i feel is more impt. Online store or this offer.

To me is online store, cause so much affort to it already. open for about 2years.
And some more i plan to rent a store for it and hoping to make it full time.
Reject or accept i am both worry.
If I accept it, will it be a good choice?
If I reject it, What if my store cannot work out, then this kind of offer doesn't happen every time wor.

After the email, the agent call again. And ask me why i want to reject it.
She told STEE that i want to reject the offer and she is stunt.
maybe because of what i say in my previous post. This kind of co. why you still work there?
so i tell the agent about my worry of my online store.
the $ they offer is only 100 to 200 more than what i getting now.
which my current pay + online store sale can be more than what they offer.
But they got bonus. Then i tell her whats aubrey say.

anyway I think i will reject it since i really want to start my own biz.
how you girls think?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy day

A week full of story.
Thur Night when i reach home a job agency call me at about 8pm.
Poor agent work till so late.
She tell there is a job on content developer, Which mean flash.
Then i say ok. I will try it.
and say will give that company and shortlist for interview.

Fri Morning about 9am (when i am sleeping in bus).
She call again. Ask if i can go down for an interview today.
Very last min right. I didn't even wear formal. But they say that company don't mind.
so i accept it and took a urgent half day leave.
230pm went to raffle place to look for the agent first.
and very qiao, She same course as me in TP. is our senior, But i don't know her.
She grad 2 year before me. and both of us have the same lecturer.
Mr D. and more.....very cute lady.
Then went for an interview at 430pm @ Mindef.
haha...i not signing on for Army. Is ST Electronics, a super big co.
get interview by the director and HR. 2 person
Interview for 30mins. ask till my brain dead already.

Some funny Question:
HR: oh so your current pay, whats your starting paid?
Cheryl: Mm..haha..same... -.-|||
HR: huh. You mean thru out is the same pay?
Cheryl: haha...ya is a trend in the company -.-
(must say this later she thot my performance not good)
HR: So whats ur benefit in your current Co.?
Cheryl: mm...0.5mth bonus.
HR: huh...0.5 mth bonus! any other benefit like 13mth bonus?
Cheryl: no. only benefit is 0.5mth bonus.
HR & Director: So why you stay in that company for 2.5years.
Cheryl: *Stunt.

I am hoping that this interview will fail.
cause aubrey say if i work there is like sign on army already.
the job scope is to create e-learning flash for the Ns-men.
and aubrey say those people i work with will be very firece.
but i not very sure.
But the working environment when i enter the camp i feel abit weird.
cause all guys is alot of lady.
but outside all army guys.

I am so tired now....Sat morning again. Work Work Work....