Friday, December 18, 2009

New Polariod Camera

Yeah! Bought A New Toy which I want it v v long ago.
Mini 7s White Japan Limited Edition. A Polaroid Camera.
1 Camera (1 Yr Warranty), 1 Plain Film, 1 Lilo and stitch Film and 1 Close up Len w Self Taking Mirror. Trust-able Blog Store..
Bought It from Yesterday Morning
And Self Collect It From Her Place @ Night @ Bedok North Near 85 Market.

Yes I did Bought a Retro Polaroid Camera before this.
But I Didn't go find the film. Cause is too retro, Film can only purchase from oversea (online)
So I decided to sell it off back to the online store which i bought it from.

I am a Very Technology Girl. Haha. I am not willing to Spend $ on branded.
But I will spend $ on IT stuff. Let Me Recall What IT Stuff I using Now.
- Onima Phone
- Itouch
- MacBook
- Portable Hard Disk
- External Hard Disk (Got problem already. Dun noe y cannot connect to com. scare)
- Canon Digital Camera
- Canon DSRL Camera
Retro Polaroid Camera
- Mini 7s Polaroid Camera
Alot right.... Think I really Spend Alot of $ on these Stuff
Esti About $3k+ mm. Sound ok hoi. For So many this. Haha.

I Really Hope I will not regret buying this camera.
But I the moment I haven Really Try it yet.
May Be Will try it later.

Took Some Photo With Aubrey Yesterday Night.
Cause Nothing to do while waiting for 1030pm
So we can go collect camera.

Below is some photo of the tired Couple (dark ring come out already)

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