Monday, December 7, 2009

My Path of Life

ok. Final. I rejected the offer.
Yes After work the agent call again.
and ST ask me to consider again and say will
offer me a chance to go oversea for work as well.
it really temp me.

Only my mum ask me to accept the offer.
She don't support me to do full time biz.
cause my dad is a bad example.
But i believe, I can do it and will not be part 2 of my dad.

The agent just call me, and i told her i rejected the offer.
she ask me will i change my mind and i say no.
She keep saying, about what i write on paper about what you
hope to see yourself to be in 5 years time.
i write senior designer. So i tell her, I got no choice but to write that
cause what i currently studying is not related on the job i am looking
for. and she agree on it too.

anyway the agent so cute. we got so many in common.
Same Diploma Course and Same Degree course.
haha. same school same course but different year.
No wonder got so many thing to talk.

Yesterday went to far east to look for store to rent.
Hope to get some reply soon.

Now my focus will be school and my store.
Jia you cheryl! and Jia you my friends.
I believe alot of you got same problem as me.
Grey area of life. Don't know what we want for future.
Don't know which path to choose.

How i choose my path?
To my interest bah.
$ isn't everything.
I don't want to be a robot who work for $ only.
No life... ...

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