Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding!

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Both I and Eleanor was camping infront of our TV to catch Prince William's Royal wedding this afternoon.

Omg.... Kate fulfill all girls dream.
(ps. my dream refer to royal wedding. Not dream to marry prince william :p)
The wedding is kind of draggy but is look like just like fairy tale.
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Kate look so gorgeous.
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Just like fairy tale right?
And the church where they have their wedding Westmister Abbey.
Can I host my future wedding there? How I wish we have similar church in Singapore :p

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Holiday Plan!

Yeah! done with one paper (prices and market).
Two more to go. One on 3 May another on 9 May.
Sad. One paper per week. Make me relax and study slowly for it.
Even after my first paper, I still don't have any exam mood.

Most of my friends finish their paper on 3 May. Only me on 9 May!!!!
They are all taking HR and Finance as their major.
Only me... Marketing :)

Got a brain full of after exam plan!!!
1. TDC photo shoot right after my paper 9 May.
Will put the preview up once i shoot it or tweet it (faster :p)
2. Launch Collection 45 on 10 May
3. Bring grandmum out for dinner.
4. Go to HK 16 May to 21 May!!!
Both Eleanor and Me treat our mum to HK as their Mother day present. 4 persons trip.
5. Launch Collection 46 on 23 May.
6. Gonna date my gf out. PCS and Eileen. Miss you girls so much.
7. Aubrey promise to bring me out for 好料. *he got his bonus! :p
8. Meet uni friend to malaysia
9. Meet Amanda and Ivan to malaysia
10. More Kbox session !!!!
I believe that I got more than 10 stuff which i wanna do.
But i can't recall it now.... :p

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prawning AGAIN!

Yeah! Me and Aubrey is crazy over prawning.
But this time round is with our Uni friends.
One outting before everyone mug for our exam :)
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Giselle. The enchanted princess. haha.
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Uncle Jayden. 读书认真,钓虾也认真. woo.
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Jamie Join us late. Only in time for the BBQ
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The Girls aka Gossip Girls :p
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Love Aubrey Smile. So nature :p
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Wow so serious. All helping out with the foods. Where am I?
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I am here. Fooling around :p
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Just wanna make them look more hardworking.
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End it with our group photo.

Can't wait for my HK trip to come.
16 to 21 May. Will share with you guys about my trip when I am back.
Gonna plan it budget and yet fun :p
Disneyland Wait for me!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bunnies & Pine Garden's Cake

Went to China Town with Eleanor to get some accessories to deco her Guest Book weeks ago.
Gonna intro 2 yummy yummy stores to you girls in this post.
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Bunnies. They sell fresh bake mini bread in lots of favours.
People's Park Complex, 1 Park Road, #01-66, Chinatown
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Uncle recommending me which favour to buy.
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Bought lots of bread for my family.

Some of you ask me where did Amanda get her 21st birthday cake.
Here is the answer, @ Pine Garden's Cake.
Eleanor will be getting her 21st birthday cake there too.
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Is a very cool store. Traditional + Modern. Traditional deco + some Traditional Bread.
And they sell modern favours of cakes too.
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Busy taking photo while Eleanor busy discussing her birthday cake design with the young lady.
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More photos of cakes
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How can we left that place without buying a piece of cake
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Eleanor. She is wearing Bohemian Coat(Cream) still available in The Design Closets
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and me with my tired face, after running around SG for a day.
Me in Chiffon Drape Cardigan(Black), I order extra piece for backorder.
So continue to send your order in :)

OMG... I got lots of overdue post. Gonna Blog them all after my exam :(
First paper will be on 25 April.
Last paper on 9 May.
Lots of stuff to study. Hope i can clear all.
Really can't wait to grad by the end of this year.
Keep my fingers cross.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Closet Collection 44: Preview

Sorry girls, this will be a very short preview.
As I am currently busy studying for my exam.
This will also be the last collection for this month.
But I promise that May Collection will be more wonderful :)
Will try to do a full self manufacture collection on May.
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Click here to enlarge

Oversze Slouch Top (Imported by TDC)
Available in 4 colours: Green, Pink, Purple and Navy Blue
TDC Picks: Amanda in Pink. Cheryl in Navy Blue.
Tie Wrap Cardigan (Imported by TDC)
Available in 3 colours: Dark Grey, Pink and Aqua
TDC Picks: Cheryl in Dark Grey. Eleanor in Dark Grey. Amanda in Dark grey and pink.
Click here to view on Eleanor.

Pleated Kimono Top (TDC Label)
Will be back with Navy Blue and black
What to expect in the May Collection?
Sweetheart neckline Bodycon
Twist Front Bandage dress
Ruched Chiffon tube top
Ruched Toga Top (Back with more colours)
and many many all... All TDC Label items :)
Will preview it once I am done with my exam
I will be having a study break from 16 April till 9 May.
Will launch one collection before I for my HK trip on 16 May till 21 May
and more colllection to come after 21 May :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amanda's 21st Birthday

Overdue post again.
Amanda birthday is last mth :p
Just a quick post to share some photo of the celebration :) Image Hosted by
Made by Amanda
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TDC Team
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So sweet
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Amanda and her prince Ivan.
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For her guest book
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