Sunday, September 26, 2010

Closet 27: Preview II

Closet 27: Preview II
Just came back from Closet 27 Shoot.
Shall do another quick preview on it again :)
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Exclusive to TDC
Amanda Kept for school!
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Exclusive to TDC
All of us kept this piece!
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As lots of customer requested!
Convertible Dress is back in more Bright colour.
We accept Advance Booking for Convertible Dress II (Coral Pink, Sweet Pink and Bright Blue)
for customer who need more than 5 pieces for their Bridemaid (Jie Mei) Dress!!!!

Closet 27 will be launch at 28 Sept (Tue) 8pm!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My First Experience with KOI

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My new nail do.
As usual messy! DIY :p
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Do it with a 3 new nail polish blog previously.
There's my step for this set of nail :p
1. 1 layer of OPI Base Coat
2. 2 layer of ORLY French - Rose Colored Glass (To give a natural pink base)
3. Apply China Glaze - Nova at the tip of the nail. Don't apply too much. Else it will took years to dry.
Apply 1 layer of China Glaze - Fairy Dust over the whole nail. Totally in love with my fairy dust. It goes well with all the nail polish that i have. eg. Black, coral pink.
5. Always end it with my OPI Top coat.

Ready for a date after my new nail do v(^.^)v
Went to Bugis for dinner. We hardly go to town.
Too lazy to travel without car.
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Yummy!!! Everyone should try this :)
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Chicken for me.
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Beef for Him.
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Took some photo while waiting for the food to be serve.
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And some after we are full. Aubrey trying to act like his dog.

My First Experience with KOI!!!!
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Don't understand why everyone Q-ing and going crazy over KOI.
So we decided to join this Long Long Q.
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Aubrey Playing with my iPhone while Q-ing....
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Finally got my first cup of KOI!
Glass Jelly Milk Tea with 50% Sugar.
Aubrey got himself a ice-cream Milk Tea with 50% Sugar.

After drinking it....I still don't understand why is the Q so long.
Bedok Interchange Bubble Tea which I blog before taste better than KOI :p
or izzit because of the 50% sugar? cause my KOI taste so plain.
Shall try 70% sugar for KOI next time.

Closet Collection 27: Preview Part 1

Closet Collection 27: Preview Part 1
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The Design Closets Label
Available in 3 colours

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Specially imported by TDC.
Can wear as both skirt and dress.

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The Design Closets Label
Available in 4 colours.
Zoe cannot resist it and kept 2 colour for herself.

Will launch them next week :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I got so many photo to share in this post.
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Try out a new restaurant. I mean new to me :p
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They offer set!
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Dear Can't stop using his bb.
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Nice place.
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First dish is here. My Favorite! Best Salad I ever had.
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Nice too but too much butter :)
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I don't like beef. cause usually they got a weird taste. But this sukiyaki doesn't have that taste. Yummy!
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Dear clear half of it. I only have a small bite. too fishy for me.
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I know what guys thinking now. many dish!?
Yes. We were stunt when they serve us. All so big portion.
Are you sure that this is a set for 2? or for 4?
This dish is nice BUT! got pork! I don't like again :p
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Too Full for this....
Image Hosted by
We are done but... we can only finish half of it.
So if I ever went there for dinner again, I will make sure we have 4 person to share a set for 2. haha.

Another Sharing time.....
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Yeah! my parcel is here!
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My 2nd parcel of nail polish. Didn't order OPI this time round.
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This bottle is for my mum.
Highly Recommended for girls soft and fragile nail.
My mum use to have very soft nail and she can never successfully grow it long.
It break every time she do her house chord.
But after she use it for abt 1 or 2 mth her nail become harder.
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Gonna try this new stuff become I can share more :)

Image Hosted by
My new ribbon hair clip. Gonna use it for next shooting :)

Gonna Continue with my email and last project!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Closet Collection 26: Preview

Shall do a quick Closet 26 Preview here, before i continue with my emails and stock.
As usually there will be clothes for work and school.

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Lets start of with our favourite.
Both Twist Knot Tube(5 Colours) and Bandage skirt(2 Colours) will be launch in this new collection.
Zoe can resist and kept all the colours for the Bandage skirt.

Image Hosted by
For both work and School, depending on how you match it. Amanda kept one of this for school.

Image Hosted by
One of my favourite!
Super comfortable. We have it in Black and White.

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Join The Design Closets Mailer and twitter now!

And also not forgetting my personal twitter!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yuki! My little prince

Finally done with my 2 project.
One more group project to go and I will be done for this year.

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My little prince. Yuki!

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Pass by Tampines MRT yesterday and took this photo. Why did I took this photo for?
mm... seriously...I don't know. Everyone standing there with their camera taking the photo
of this moon and star. So i just join in. izzit special? anyway i feel that the moon ytd is pretty :p

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Preparing for Closet 26 shooting now.
These are some of the item to expect in closet 26.
Sorry i know i don't show out the item best.
That's why i hire my pretty models.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TDC Clearance sale.

Saw some comment about why TDC do a clearance sale!
Even on closet 25 clothes.

First I have to apologies to those who purchase closet 25 item which happen to be one of the sale item.

Reason for Clearance sale
I am moving soon to my new house(not really new. rent a 2nd hand hse)@ punggol. Is a last min decision by my dad. As the contact here is due and the owner don't wish to renew the contact. So no choice, gonna move :(
Girls, sorry about it. cause i really need to clear all of this before i move.
Else it will be a big headache for me here.

Actually, quite difficult for me to do this clearance sale at this point of time.
As I justcompleted one of my project on Mon( 6 Sept) and there is one more due on this coming sat.
Which i haven't touch it yet. stress :(

Is 4.30am now. Gonna go to bed now and wake up early to start on my project :)

Will promise to bring in nicer clothes for closet 26.
And thanks for your support for Closet 25 and the latest sale v(^.^)v

PS. I really need a auto invoice system. Replying all email by myself. dieing....

Monday, September 6, 2010

TDC gmail has reach the max sending

Hi All,

Thanks For the patient.
Due to overwhelming response for the sale,
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My gmail has reach the max sending :(
Please give me some more time to get back to you girls.
However, Payment that came in before 1pm, your parcel will be mail out today :)

PS. I still got one more project to do :( Due on sat. Haven't start yet. dead.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Layout.

Yeah! Got my new layout up!
Love it. More spaces for bigger photo :p
Will do a new Background when i am done with my project.

I can't focus on my project. Dead.
Keep looking at my email and forum.
2800 words to go. Need to finish it by Fri.
Arhhhh..... at least need write 800 more words tonight.
Cheryl! Jia You! FOCUS!!!!

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My new nail do.
Ya is ugly. Cause is DIY :p

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Play with the sunlight.
Looks abit too bright for the photo at the left
But I love the light reflected in my eye.
Blink Blink :p