Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy day

A week full of story.
Thur Night when i reach home a job agency call me at about 8pm.
Poor agent work till so late.
She tell there is a job on content developer, Which mean flash.
Then i say ok. I will try it.
and say will give that company and shortlist for interview.

Fri Morning about 9am (when i am sleeping in bus).
She call again. Ask if i can go down for an interview today.
Very last min right. I didn't even wear formal. But they say that company don't mind.
so i accept it and took a urgent half day leave.
230pm went to raffle place to look for the agent first.
and very qiao, She same course as me in TP. is our senior, But i don't know her.
She grad 2 year before me. and both of us have the same lecturer.
Mr D. and more.....very cute lady.
Then went for an interview at 430pm @ Mindef.
haha...i not signing on for Army. Is ST Electronics, a super big co.
get interview by the director and HR. 2 person
Interview for 30mins. ask till my brain dead already.

Some funny Question:
HR: oh so your current pay, whats your starting paid?
Cheryl: Mm..haha..same... -.-|||
HR: huh. You mean thru out is the same pay?
Cheryl: haha...ya is a trend in the company -.-
(must say this later she thot my performance not good)
HR: So whats ur benefit in your current Co.?
Cheryl: mm...0.5mth bonus.
HR: huh...0.5 mth bonus! any other benefit like 13mth bonus?
Cheryl: no. only benefit is 0.5mth bonus.
HR & Director: So why you stay in that company for 2.5years.
Cheryl: *Stunt.

I am hoping that this interview will fail.
cause aubrey say if i work there is like sign on army already.
the job scope is to create e-learning flash for the Ns-men.
and aubrey say those people i work with will be very firece.
but i not very sure.
But the working environment when i enter the camp i feel abit weird.
cause all guys is alot of lady.
but outside all army guys.

I am so tired now....Sat morning again. Work Work Work....

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