Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Change of Trip Again

Busy Day. Just Finish 5 poster in a day.
But More to come....
So down....I wanna go for a holiday.
But the plan keep change and change till i really don't know if i can go out of
Singapore successfully on 1Jan. So close already. But nothing is fix.
Going out with family always got this problem.
How I wish i can just plan one bangkok trip with aubrey only.
Even though the air tix is ex now.
Else we have to wait till Nov 2010 then can plan for out next trip to relax already.
School start on 5 Jan 2010 All the way non-stop till Nov 2010.

From Bangkok plan change to Genting Plan now change to a 1 day trip to johor.
Sob Sob.

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