Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Went to East Coast Yesterday Morning, to cycle with aubrey Family.

Left to Right: Aubrey Mama, Er yi and aubrey

Aubrey Bro and his wife

Aubrey and Me. Tired Face.
cause wake up so early to cycle + The Sun is so big on that day.

I Didn't Know That East Coast sea is so Blue.
Did the Gov did something on them?
I Didn't remember they are so clean.

yuki New Friend. His Name is Dirty as you can see from his colour.
So Cute Right. Every time i look at him, I wanna laugh.
He always give a very poor thing expression. But he got a gentle voice. Meow.
He came up that day to look for my cat yuki.
But Yuki as usual, Don't like any other animal.

Just To share some thing to my friend.
How to make your Eye Big and Fresh?

FreshKon Alluring Eyes (Mystical Black)
Yes, like what my friend say your eye is already big.
But because it is big and it cause me to have sleepy eye.
as there are alot of extra white space.
So by putting this contact lens can make your black area
bigger and White area lesser.
the Price is usually S$25 per box. Monthly Contact Lens.
But You can some time get it at S$45 for 2 box :)

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