Wednesday, August 24, 2011

War Zone

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Photos of my working ground. I don't have my own office yet.
So all the stocks is sleeping with me now. haha.
Have some in my bedroom and some in the living room.
I want my own office with a packing ground, racks for storage and a Studio for shooting.
Random: You girls prefer TDC outdoor shoot photo or studio?

Anyway, Quick preview of collection 59
Contrast 4 Buttons Blazer!!
Yes TDC first Self Manufacture Blazer. So excited.
The Material is Fab.
Fab material doesn't mean Thick material with inner lining.
In Singapore, we no need Blazer with inner lining cause you will be melting the moment you step out of the aircon room.

Feature of this blazer
- No Inner lining
- Made of structure Cotton. (Soft & Comfortable)
- Non Sheer
- One working Button
- Single layer, so no sweat when you are wearing it in the outdoor.
- But yet enough to keep you warm in the lecture hall or Office.
- Easy to match. For work, Match it with a Skirt, long Pants or dress. For Casual, Match it with a shorts.

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I kept two colours for myself. Black and Pink.
What you see above is Pink :)

Stay Tune to The Design Closets Facebook Page for full preview!
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Collection 58: Preview

Have you girls seen the preview in The Design Closets Facebook Page?
If no, Please take a look now !
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In this collection, we have a new model with us.
Apple. She is so pretty and sweet. Just like her name :p
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Me in My V Neck Cut Sleeve Top.
I Kept Pink, Grey n Coral Red. Apple in Turquoise. Eleanor in Coral Red & Grey.
Collection 58 will be up on Mon(22 Aug) night 8pm Sharp!

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Yeah. no link with the above post. But my kitty is so cute. :p

Friday, August 19, 2011

Aubrey Birthday Celebration

Our Course mate prepare a cake for my bf on his birthday. yeah. having lesson that Fri night, which is quite sad n -.- So my celebration for him have to be belated. Image Hosted by
A cake from Swissbake. Yummy!
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My Happy Boy!
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My Samsung camera work badly at night. shake head...
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Jun Ying this guy trying to learn your pose from our outdoor shoot!
But Fail ar. haha
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Love this shot.
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All of us got dark ring that day. Tired Face.
Result of this >>>> Fri Night lesson till 10pm, next day morning Make up class at 8am.
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Here's the celebration which i plan for my boyfriend.
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We are having the S$70++ per person set which the person incharge help me with the surprise cake.
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Appetizer for 2.
Quite stunt when they put this infront of us.
Appetizer or main? Serious? Can finish anot? Dead!
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My main dish a mini chicken.
I expect a smaller main dish as the Appetizer is huge but no....
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Our side dish n Aubrey main dish.
Alot right! Waste of food, cause we can't finish so much of it.
Taste is average, so so only...
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Birthday cake which they prepare for him.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Project in progress.

Sad to say that all my weekend n holiday has been use for studies n projects :(
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Entertain myself abit while my bf doing on the project :p
Me in spect. If i remove my spect, i will be blind.
Ok, I know is ugly :p
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here he is.
Waiting for him to say dinner time, so we can take a break!!!

Anyway TDC gonna have a new web soon!!
Can't wait for it to be ready.
Auto invoice will be one of the function.
So no more delay from slow me.
Computer is always faster than human right. :p

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Collection 57

Sorry for not updating my blog for so long.
Too busy with school + TDC stuff again :p

Yeah The Design Closets First Outdoor Shoot.
First try for me, as a noob photographer.
But Thanks to Jun Ying my experience model and the shoot goes on quite smoothly.
Hope you girls will love it :)

Balloon Sleeve Cardigan (TDC Manufactured)
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Mustard always goes well with black top or dress. (person thots)
Eleanor pick this!

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Currently quite in love with Tiffany. So sweet.

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I am in love with this piece.
New Shade of Blue which my manufacture just bought in.

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The colour is so girly but I love it.
I am not pinky type of girl. However, I love this piece of pink cardigan.
This is also a new Shade of Pink which my manufacture just bought in.
Jun Ying pick this!

Photos of me in my picks :)
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Yeah, I love Cardigan!!
And this cardigan is mad comfortable. Love it!

Pleated High Waist Skirt (TDC Manufactured)
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Wine Red
Made of Fab Chiffon material.
Smocked at the back, With side zip n inner lining. Non Sheer :)

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Light Blue
Jun Ying's pick!

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Candid shot of JY playing with the snail.
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Candid shot too :) with our bulky stuff.
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all 4 colours.

Fringes Tee
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Do note this isn't the full preview of collection 57.

Full Preview available in TDC Facebook!/media/set/?set=a.231564096878959.49365.214788058556563&type=1
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Thanks <3