Friday, May 25, 2012

Pleated High Waist Skirt

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Me in Pleated High Waist Skirt (Electric Blue)
Photos in my blog isn't true to colour.
So refer to TDC Facebook for the preview.

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One of the reason why everyone love this skirt. PLEATES!
It's nicely sew which define our waist.
I always think that i got no waist :p

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Me in Pink!
Did some improvement to this skirt as compare to previous.
Hook added at the top of the zip.
So now we can zip up easier now :)
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I kept Wine Red, Black, Pink, Electric Blue & Navy for myself.
Have a hard time choosing the colour!
Cause we have total 9 colours coming up on Mon Launch.

Some Photos before i curl my hair.
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Ring Light.
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Photo with suppliers.
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Me and Candy
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Jia Wen & Me.
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The girls who always help me with when i choose those clothes colour.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Recent Life

Sorry didn't update my blog for so long.
I got so many outstanding photos that I have even upload into my computer.
Maybe I will just do a overall post for my recent life.

Mum Mum Day!
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Photo of me and my mum.
Spend our day at my Grandmum house.
Stream boat for dinner. Just a simple dinner :)
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OTD: Reversible Cut Out Top (Purple/Magenta) with Crochet Shorts (Black)
Love this top so much.
Kept 2 colours for myself which is equal to 4 colours as it's reversible.
Got Slimming effect?
Cause I feel that I look slim when I wear it :p Happy.

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OTD: Reversible Cut Out Top (Navy/Emerald)
Flip it over and Here we have a completely diff look at the edge.

Upcoming Collection.....
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High Waist Pleated Skirt is back!!!
One of the best selling skirt in TDC!
Why do we say that? Cause we have total 3 BO for some of the colours already!
So this round I bring it back again.
(As requested by lots of the new customers who miss previous launch!)
Now in 9 colours.
Yes 9! I feel crazy ordering so many colours.
But we are always out of bottom!
Am I Right?

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Jamie From TSW

TDC and TSW is sharing a new office from Jun onward!
Everyone ask us this question: "When did the both of you get so close?"
Answer: ok we didn't know each other for too long but we click well. ;)

We talk about having a office last week.
Yes we work so fast! Found a nice office a week later.
Now we are busy planning and ordering furniture for it.

OMG! I can't imagine that I am going to have my own office next week!
High + Stress!
Since we confirm on the office, I didn't sleep well -.-
Think I am too excited about it :p

Thanks God for your plan.
I will work hard to this route that you planned for me.
Yes there is stress but I know you will be with me.
Love Love

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Manna Story

Think I am turning my blog into a food blog soon :p
Here's a new korean restaurant to recommend located at Plaza Singapura #B2-22.
It's my 2nd time here already as it's just located one storey down from FirstDay.
So dinner there after I do my stock in at FirstDay.

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Simple Cottage Layout Make me feel that I am at korea now.
They even have korean staff to serve us.

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For me.
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After mixing everything together.
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Ginseng Chicken for Aubrey.
Me not a fan of Ginseng.

Below is another dish which I order during my first visit.
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Just run through my instock list for FirstDay and
realise that i really stock in alot of designs into the store.
The photos below are some of the stocks from the recent collection.
We have about 90 designs in store now.
From Past Collection, Latest Collection and Unreleased design.
The photos below is only from the recent collection.
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FirstDay design is usually one collection before our online collection.
So customers can try on the clothes before our launch ;)
C80 & C81 designs is already up on rack.

Everything with Fries

Boho Lace Sleeve Top (White)
From upcoming collection.
As mention in the previous post, this piece of top is so comfortable that both me and Apple kept 2 colour for ourselves.
Here is some photo of my OOTD
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Close up of the lace from our photoshoot.
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Me in Navy Blue.

My First visit to Everything with Fries.
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Mainly Sandwiches and Fries.
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Aubrey busy whatsapping.
Oh!! I forgot to mention this.
Me, Aubrey and Eleanor have changed our phone to Samsung Note!
Huge phone but beautiful screen.

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Tandoori Chicken Sandwich with Thin Sour Cream and Onion Fries.
Thumb up for the Sour Cream and Onion Fries!
We are allow to choose either thick or thin fries.
As well as the favour of the fries:
Original, Curry, Salt and Vinegar, Sour Cream and Onion & Garlic and Herbs.
Totally in love with the Sour Cream and Onion Fries!
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Steak for Aubrey.
Thick ar.
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Mille Crepe
Which I regret ordering it.
Cause From far it look so nice.
Should have walk closer to look at it before I order.
It's Nice but the Cream!!!
NO!!!! FATS!!!
So end up we waste it but eating about 3 layers of it.

Everything with Fries!
Here's a list of their outlet.
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Bring Aubrey Doggy for grooming!
As usual I will play with this 2 fat kitty in their store.
This store use to belong to my cousin.
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My Daily Life Photos on Instragram @cherylhanying
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