Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Headache

Why STEE accept me??
crazy me right? people accept me and yet I headache.

The Job agency lady just called me, she ask what my stand now.
If STEE offer me slight higher paid then what i am getting now.
Then I tell her, actually my stand has change already.
You can withdraw me out from the list.
Then she say till like STEE very good co. and good benefit.
So i say i will get back to her.

After calling Aubrey, I decided to reject. So i send an email to the agent.
cause aubrey say, you might get a higher pay but you might not have chance to do
you online store already. cause you can't bring a harddisk to camp.
and ask me what i feel is more impt. Online store or this offer.

To me is online store, cause so much affort to it already. open for about 2years.
And some more i plan to rent a store for it and hoping to make it full time.
Reject or accept i am both worry.
If I accept it, will it be a good choice?
If I reject it, What if my store cannot work out, then this kind of offer doesn't happen every time wor.

After the email, the agent call again. And ask me why i want to reject it.
She told STEE that i want to reject the offer and she is stunt.
maybe because of what i say in my previous post. This kind of co. why you still work there?
so i tell the agent about my worry of my online store.
the $ they offer is only 100 to 200 more than what i getting now.
which my current pay + online store sale can be more than what they offer.
But they got bonus. Then i tell her whats aubrey say.

anyway I think i will reject it since i really want to start my own biz.
how you girls think?

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