Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day Out!

Went to school on vesak day to do project.
But didn't know that school is closet on public holiday.
Cause didn't went to SP to do my grp project last year during holiday and it is open.
So end up Hui Wen and I went to mac to do our project.
Is actually a group of 6. But end up only the two of us turn up.

Meet up with Ru after project at about 6pm.
Actually plan to buy Julyt vivi magazine @ Taka.
However, its sold out. So FAST!
Gonna wait for their next batch of stock.
Went to 313 for forever 21 and dinner at one of the thai restaurant.
Is my first time eating in a thai restaurant.
Not Bad. Quite nice.
The big mirror found in the restaurant
Love this!
This is nice too. But don't mix the chill flake at the side. Super spicy.
Not worth to try this. Got a weird taste. haha.
Always try new food with Ru. She loves to try out new food.
My new forever 21 accessories. Love it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stream boat w Ru

More photo of my new ribbon :)
Dear Don't like me to tie my hair this way, even it is at home :p

Is Ru! Prepare a similar stream boat for her. Ops, Background full of stock.
Shrimp Wonton! Love it! Best for stream boat! :p
Chicken Gyoza. Found my new food for streamboat. Yummy!
Nail time! Help Ru do her nail. As requested bling it!
Happy! cause ru love it :p

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New Ribbon

TDC Sale Up for both Closet & Spree Collection on 26 May, 11am.

Got my new ribbon accessories today from a online store.
Sweet. Gonna ask Zoe to use it for next photo shoot.
wanna tie my hair to match with the ribbon.
But before i can do so, mama start nagging at me again.
Dinner time! had my dinner at 1130pm. v bad.
but no choice class end at 10pm, reach home around 11pm.

27 May , yeah. 3 more days and dear dear will be back.
Recently, alot of my friend go apply for new HDB.
Mum ask us to apply too. As need to Q. and HDB need a few years to build too.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Date with Mum

Meet mum out for dinner today @ Tampines Mall.
Chicken Mayo. All time favourite.
Smoked Salmon.
My New Iphone.
Finally Bought my Vivi Mag (Jun) from Tampines interchange.
Super disappointed by a LJ store on Vivi Mag.
Order on April for May mag but till ytd then reply me.
End up i request for a refund.
Love this Mag. What's IN? Floral! Denim!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pledged II

Both Eleanor is so excited now. Haha.
Receive an email from nuffnang with a subject:
[Nuffnang] Congratulations! You have won 7 tickets to 4D Magix/CineBlast on 29th May 2010.‏
Remember this post that i had post.

Gonna go Sentosa with my family this Sat evening after my class.
Eleanor's family will be joining us too. Excited.

Anyway Gonna try their 2nd contest for UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE tickets :p
Here's my new pledge. No No. Is my parent turn to pledge :p

My dad pledged to join us for exercise at least once a month.
My mum pledged to prepare our favorite stream boat once a month @ home.
Stream boat at home is the best, as it is the only chance to get everyone together.
It is also a good chance to get everyone together to chit chat as you need time to get the food to be cooked.

Universal Studio! My mum get more excited than me. haha.
She wanted to go there. My mum is kind of crazy to theme part.
She dare to play those scary giant machine. haha. cool right.
She is always this cool. Love her. haha.

My dad love to take photo. Universal studio will be a great place for him.

So Nuffnang please give us the tix to Universal studio!!! Haha.

Gonna post my sat sentosa trip soon :p

Reply email till 3am yesterday night. Lucky yuki is there to entertain me.
So Cute right.

Got my new manufacture piece of top today. Love it.
I have it in Pink and white too.
:p gonna clean my mirror tml.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Gathering @ Level 47

Visit my cousin new house ytd.
SG tallest HDB. Home warming + Celebrating his first child 1 mth old.

Lots of photo to share with...
Tall and artistic flats.
Is really hot out there.


View from his living room
Watching Dr Goh Farewell,is kind of boring.
However, is shame that as a Singaporean, I didn't know who is him till he die.
I believe many friend of mine didn't know him too. cause he retired before we are born.
Start watching movie with Iphone, as there is no much nice show on the TV.
Isn't him cute?
Haha. Cannot stop laughing. So funny.
This is his name. Chester.
Here's the new family member. Is a girl. Keep Smiling to me
The Girls photo taking time again.
The End :)