Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Messy Day

Today not my day.
Wake Up slightly late today.
Get some stock pack up, tot will go to supplier place today then need to return some stuff to them
and cause me to be late.
before i went out, Eye lasher drop into my eye. Took so long to take it out.
so end up miss my bus. Want to take cab but wait till rain also no cab.
+ Natalie Last min say cancel meet up today cause Huang mu shi want to meet her and my bro.
ok plan all mess up already.
And still need my mum go meet sally to pass her stuff which she need it for sat.
Messy right...
And end up I am free tonight.
Hope Aubrey will book out tonight.

Aubrey New G-Shock and my New 2010 Organiser from Art Box :)

Already Write all the public holiday, Friend Birthday and Lesson day (lecture hall) in the organizer.

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