Tuesday, December 29, 2009

T.G.I Friday

So many Things to do today. But Low Motivation to do my office stuff.
Just To share with you girls about T.G.I Friday Restaurant.
The First time i went to T.G.I Friday Restaurant, is on May 2009 @ Taipei.
When I and Philina get lost and hungry.
and happen to see This U.S Style Restaurant, so we went it.
Both of us love this restaurant. Friendly Staff and Nice Food.
Both of us order a set meal each. Total cost about S$40(remember is a SET MEAL)

After A Few Months, We Singapore also Open one Outlet @ Heeren.
Just open not long ago. This Time round went with Aubrey.
I Order a Grill Chicken and he Order Steak as usually.
and a cup of free Flow Ice lemon Tea
Total we spent S$80+ Due to the steak.
However, He say that the steak is good.
For him to say a steak is good is very rare.
So it must be v good. Too bad, I don't dare to eat steak. Soo bloody.
Anyway I already Aim my next Dish There.
ribs. Cause I spot a English Guy eating it.
The way he eat, make mi laugh. So cute.
From the way he eat, You know that the ribs really taste so good till he lick all his fingers.

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