Friday, July 29, 2011

Collection 55: Preview

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Full preview available In TDC Facebook page

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Should be launching it on Mon 8pm :)
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Embroidered Doll Top (C55)
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The Embroidery detail is make up of cross stritch. Mad Love with it.
I kept Navy Blue and White. I love the Yellow too But I got too many clothes in my closet.
How I wish i got a bigger closet or a walk in closet :p
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Shoulder Cut Out Tee (C54)
Which I only left with last few pieces.
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Cut Out Tank Tunic (C54)
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Ps only photo of me, cause these are all my outfit to school.
School reopen and make my life so boring. Every week will be school, project and work. -.- |||
Weekend also project project!
Gonna get myself motivate to do my projects.
Its crazy. I got 3 group projects, 1 presentation, 1 test and 3 exam at the end of the sem.
usually only 1 group project per sem. So everyone is emailing and smsing me, Cheryl which topic we should do. Stress! Cannot one at a time? No. -.-
ok Shall stop my complaining.
Gonna finish part 1 of one of the project by this weekend and submit it on next week ;)

Some overdue due photos which i took with Jun Ying in the studio.
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TDC Team! See my great Cousin. Still Helping me during our weekend shoot.
How I wish she can work full time with me.
Gonna work hard so she can come back and join me soon :)
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Always look like a background when I took photo with them.
All so pretty -.-  and my eye is so dead -.0

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