Saturday, July 9, 2011

Collection 53: Preview

Chiffon Waterfall Dress (Specially Manufacture by THE DESIGN CLOSETS)
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Tiffany and Pink
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Midnight Blue and Cream Nude
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TDC Pick's: Amanda in Tiffany & Cream Nude, Jun Ying in Cream Nude.
There is 2 highlights in this dress.
1st the waterfall dress, 2nd is the laced heartshape top.
This dress can fit uk 6 to 10.

Convertible dress II (Specially Manufacture by THE DESIGN CLOSETS)
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Back in 2 colours, as some of my customers request it for their wedding :)

Pleated Shoulder Shirt
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Colour: Blue, Navy Blue and Emerald
TDC Pick's: Cheryl in Navy Blue and Emerald.

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Mini Love Dress
Duo Tone Layer Dress: Burnt Orange, Emerald, Coral Pink.
Pocket Shirt Dress: White and Black

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Colour Block Crop Top: Emerald, Coral Red.
High Neck Chiffon Pleated Top: Black, Mint, Nude. Available in S, M, L
Tied Halter Neck Top
Lantern Pockets Skirt: Grey, Nude (Come with detachable Polkadot sash)


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