Thursday, July 21, 2011

Collection 54: Preview

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I am so excited about this launch!
There are so many designs which i personally love it.
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Cut Out Tank Tunic (Manufactured Label)
Available in Sky Blue, White, Royal Purple and Navy Blue
TDC's Pick: Cheryl in Navy Blue. Jun ying in White and Royal Purple.
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It can also be match with Thick Belt
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As well as thin belt.
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Kimono Ribbon Dress (Manufactured Label)
Available in Blue/Yellow and Green/Rose
TDC's Pick: Cheryl in Blue/Yellow

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Royal Button Laced Blazer (Imported)
Available in Cream Khaki, Green Khaki and Black

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Button Skater Skirt (Manufactured Label)
Available in Green, Rose, Yellow and Midnight Blue
TDC's Pick: Cheryl in Yellow and Midenight Blue. Eleanor in Midnight Blue
Will upload more photo into TDC Facebook
after i got the photo taken this sunday.
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Cut Out Shoulder Tee (Manufactured Label)
Available in Midnight Blue, Black, Dark Grey and Heather Grey
TDC's Pick: Cheryl in Black and Dark Grey.
I haven't let the girls pick their choice yet :p

Advertorial: EpicFas
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Check out my new necklace from EpicFas!
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Love it, So sweet.
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They have earring too.
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EpicFas sells earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets n hair accessories!
All prices ranging from $2-$6. 0.0 crazy isn't it!
The price is so reasonable and most import the quality of their accessories is great.
Check out their web now for more choices!!!

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