Thursday, August 11, 2011

Collection 57

Sorry for not updating my blog for so long.
Too busy with school + TDC stuff again :p

Yeah The Design Closets First Outdoor Shoot.
First try for me, as a noob photographer.
But Thanks to Jun Ying my experience model and the shoot goes on quite smoothly.
Hope you girls will love it :)

Balloon Sleeve Cardigan (TDC Manufactured)
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Mustard always goes well with black top or dress. (person thots)
Eleanor pick this!

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Currently quite in love with Tiffany. So sweet.

Image Hosted by
I am in love with this piece.
New Shade of Blue which my manufacture just bought in.

Image Hosted by
The colour is so girly but I love it.
I am not pinky type of girl. However, I love this piece of pink cardigan.
This is also a new Shade of Pink which my manufacture just bought in.
Jun Ying pick this!

Photos of me in my picks :)
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Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Yeah, I love Cardigan!!
And this cardigan is mad comfortable. Love it!

Pleated High Waist Skirt (TDC Manufactured)
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Wine Red
Made of Fab Chiffon material.
Smocked at the back, With side zip n inner lining. Non Sheer :)

Image Hosted by
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Light Blue
Jun Ying's pick!

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Candid shot of JY playing with the snail.
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Candid shot too :) with our bulky stuff.
Image Hosted by
all 4 colours.

Fringes Tee
Image Hosted by
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Do note this isn't the full preview of collection 57.

Full Preview available in TDC Facebook!/media/set/?set=a.231564096878959.49365.214788058556563&type=1
Remember to "like" our Page & "Like" +"Share" collection 57 album :)
Thanks <3

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