Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sharing Time

Sharing Time
Bought Caramel Corn @ Daiso on Sunday.

Philina, Sally and My Favourite.

Scary Experience yesterday. This brand of dye, nice colour
But i apply the foam, I realize there is a lot of fallen hair on my finger.
During the wash, I experience more fallen hair.
But lucky after washing it, no more fallen hair.
My hair is thick, so by look is no diff.
But by touch, It seem like i just trim my hair thin.
So sad. I think i lost 100 to 200 hair bah...
Don't know izzit i use too much strength or it hurt my scrap.
Use Loreal will be much better.
This brand colour is more nice and suitable for youngster.
Mine look like nature brown.
really like the colour but i don't dare to use this brand again.

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