Friday, January 15, 2010

My New Chain Halter Top

Abit down now. Saw your miss call.
I thought you want to tell me that I am sorry.
But all i heard is, "your customer just came, I put the $ on the table".
Thats all. How long can i endure till you make the first move.

Went to take backorder Item yesterday.
Didn't want to bring in new design for next week.
However, Cannot stop myself from bring new stock in for next collection.
Too Beautiful already. Think you girls will love it too.
I got this Chain halter Top both Black and blue for myself.
Match it with a shorts to work today.
Gonna sit here and don't move around till 130pm.
So no one will spot me wearing a pair of shorts to work :p
So tired. Still need to go to school @ 330pm all the way till 630pm again.

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