Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our 3rd Anniversary

Finally Celebrate our 3Year Anniversary
Went to Vivo: Shin Kushiya Japanese Grill Restaurant.
Food, normal only but environment not bad.

Dad So Good, Lend Aubrey his car for a week.
Went up to Mt Faber and Henderson Waves after dinner.

Closet Collection 9

Click on banner to enter collection

Still Waiting for the studio person to reply my email.
Hopefully next collection photo will be taken in a studio.

Sentence of the day :p
Yesterday lecturer say that by increasing wages will
allow worker to work harder for you. When you pay
your worker less, worker will not work hard and yet eat snake.
"Pay Nuts and you will only get monkey"
haha. I am the monkey now.
Work here for 2.5years, no increment no 13mth bonus.
So just eat snake :p

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