Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busy Afternoon

What A Busy Afternoon.
Went to bank to get cashier order (Cheque) for aubrey and my School fee.
But fail to get it, Cause they say i need to bring my share a/c atm card or Bank book.
I only bought my IC and my person atm card.
So decided to get cheque from person a/c But end up, not enough $ inside.
Call my friend and mum to help mi ibanking to transfer share a/c to person a/c but Fail again.
went back office and went back to bank again.
Run here and there. But nvm, Finally Settle.

One More show I am watching now.
A Korean Show: Temptation of Wife
Channel U was Doing it now.
Ya show that house wife watch. haha.
But this show is really nice.
Total 73 Ep. Each Ep 90mins. U channel only do till Ep 19.

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