Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is his Birthday!

Is 5 Aug! Aubrey Birthday.
Gonna try some thing new for him.
Is Icing Room's DIY cake!
Start off by writing "Happy Birthday To Aubrey"
Which took me the longest time. Ugly handwriting as I can't even control the chocolate well. Decided on simple design.
Gave him a surprise!
He was actually quite tired before we came back home.
But after he saw the bday cake once he reach home. His eye OPEN !
Bro Join in the photo
I Stop him when he is about to cut it.
"Can you please take a few more look at it before u cut?"
Haha. As it really took me so long to design it.

I am glad that he love the cake :)
Happy Birthday Dear!

Ps. I miss my samsung camera.

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