Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Date with Mum.

Cab to orchard with mum.
Promise to buy her a new watch since Feb :p
Had our dinner in a Japanese Restaurant.
Mum Curry. Looks more like laksa to me. haha. But Oiishi!!! Nice.
Most of the food in the menu is PORK! Which i don't like.
But lucky, Found my favourite Chicken Katsu Don at the corner of the menu. haha.
Both of us regret to get one set each. Can't finish it, waste of food :(
Nice Japanese deco.
Didn't upload mum photo. She complain this "ahh.. so ugly, don't upload ar!" haha.
Will show off my mum self taken photo in the future.
Which I believe, lots of mum can't do it :p Haha.

Closet 24 Preview: Part 1
Some TDC Label Dresses :)
Bandage high waist Dress
Come in Purple and white :)
Always love to manufacture 1 piece dress.
So all ladies no need to headache of what to match with :)
Toga dress with waist sash
more preview on mon :)
Will try to launch it on Tue morning :)

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