Friday, April 2, 2010

Family Beach Outing.

Is Good Fri Today!
Many of my friends don't know the real meaning of Good Friday.
Here is just a short intro of Good Friday :)

Good Friday is a Day where God die on the cross for us.
Why he did that? isn't him a God? Can't he control those guy that place him on the cross?
He die on the cross, in order to clean our sin with his blood.
He die on the cross for our sin.
He die for those who place him on the cross.
For those who belief in him, our sin will be clean off by his blood.
And make us pure enough to enter the heaven.
He is the bridge to the heaven :)

My Family will always have some family outing during Good Fri :)
This time round we went to east coast.
I went around taking photo. Testing out my camera again.
Everyone was like. cool, got a LCD infront.
But to me is the nice effect of it :)
My Bro and his Gf, Background look like BKK..haha. Eleanor and Me :)
Xiao Yi, Mum(shi Yi) and San Yi
My Cousin kid. Love her. So cute.
Bro Playing with his new kite.
The Lee Family
Love taking photo at the beach.
Best lighting. haha. And also The Blue Blue Sky that is always this blue :)

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