Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Exam is coming! Run!

Every Time I launch a new collection, I will prepare to get busy for the whole week.
Busy replying email, packing stock for mailing, contacting supplier and factory for Backorder.
But this week i got more than this to be busy of. EXAM!!!!
Something which i really hate it.
So many to study, really don't know where to start.
Every time i study half way, i will worry about TDC email.
Every time do TDC stuff, i will worry about exam.
Hai...So girls please forgive me if i didn't reply your email asap.
Batch 1 of parcel has been mail out this morning.
Batch 2 is either thur or fri.
Please give me some time to pack every thing :)
Thanks :)

Wearing Rose Button Romper from TDC.


  1. jiayou for your exam girl!!
    don't remember what modules you took other than HMT and Macroeconomics. but anyway.... give luck luck! catch up tgt with philina sooon when we both end exam!!


  2. Still got ER.
    HMT and ER is my fear.
    so many things to study.
    Some more lecturer never give much tips. Thats the problem when paper set by RMIT and your lecturer is from SIM. They didn't see the paper b4. haiz. You too jia you wor :)
    I can't wait for Exam to end.
    But it will continue by my marketing course. no break...dieing soon. haha

  3. yaa... your this year kinda xiongg due to no brk time right after your main exams. i encountered it !! both phi n myself stresss out to the max!

    well, im pretty stress with my specialization - finance paper... sigh, guessed i make the wrong move. somemore due to work related, i did not attend most of the lecture and the lecturer sucks big time! DIE! i very headache n stressed up ... sobs!