Friday, April 30, 2010

Examination in Progress

Completed 2 paper. 1 more to go.
Stress. My econ CMI. Prepare for the worst already.
Even the pro in my class say that this paper is very difficult.
Why last sem paper so easy and this sem so difficult.
Forget it!

Love to heard some one shout this at my door step.
Mean my parcel is here.
Finally, I receive my VS item.

Part of the item belong to philina.
Now waiting for my OPI to come.

Is exam period and yet i went to do my nail.
can't stand it when it grow too long + lazy to trim it myself.
anyway is only one street across.
Is a Express one again. No time for classic.
Photo taken 5 days after i did my nail. So part of it fall off already.
Anyway Love the colour. Looks like a sky full of star.
Is one of the designer series colour.
Not quite sure of the name.

Ok thats all to share. Gonna get prepare for my last paper.
I can't wait for it to end. So i can do my store stuff.
Lots of manufacture design waiting for me to collect.

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