Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pizza Hut Via Christmas Pizza Pre-launch Party!

Went to Pizza Hut Pre-Launch Party last week with Eleanor.

While deciding which blazer to wear for the launch.
Crochet Blazer from tonight Collection.
Me Love all the colours.

Ours Drinks.

Looking so serious but Mei.

The world is so small.
Saw Zoe at the launch too and it become a mini gathering for us.
I got bad hair day  (T.T)
Ice Breaking game before we start having our dinner.

Fruits Salad.

Wings... Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets is always my favourite.
Is a must to order!

We do what we always do.... Take Photo of the food until it turn cold.

With Flash.

Without Flash. Ops.. Eleanor got a mini head on her head. haha.

Me and Eleanor

So many Blogger!!!! Manager Demo on making their latest pizza.

New! Double Sensation Pizza.
A pizza made with two unique crusts. The new Double Sensation Pizza comes with 2 rings of crust - an inner crust stuffed with cheesy chicken sausage and an outer crust stuffed with 3-flavour cheese. There are also two different topping combinations namely smoked chicken and zucchini on Pepper Alfredo sauce in the inner ring and turkey ham, mushrooms and capsicums on salsa sauce on the outer ring.

Really love this pizza, as every bite is a surprise.
Every bite taste different.
A Must to Try!

Photo with this beautiful pizza.

Ready, GO!

Another photo before i attack.

Group Photo before we left.
Pizza Hut team is so sweet to give each of us a goodies bag of candy and pasta.

Double Sensation Pizza is now available in store!

Pizza Hut also have a special online deal
Christmas Bliss Deal  (S$28.90 for 2 persons)
- 1 Regular Double Sensation Pizza
- 4 pcs of Honey Roasted Wings
- 6 pcs of Mini Hash Browns.
Available from 21 Nov to 1 Jan 2013 only!

or a
Christmas Feat Deal ( S$40.90 for 4-5 persons)
- 1 Regular Double Sensation Pizza
- 1 Regular Pan Pizza
- 6 pcs of Chicken Karaage
- 6 pcs of Mini Hash Browns.
Available from 12 Dec to 1 Jan 2013 only!

Add a bottle of 1.5L Pepsi to your online purchase now and
Stand a chance to win $1,000 CASH!
(Total 6 winners will be selected over the 6 wks!)

Don't know what to have for dinner tonight or Lazy to go out for dinner(Cause camping for The Design Closets new Launch :p )
Order your dinner here then at Pizza Hut.

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