Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reversible Tee Top (C78)

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Yes another reversible from The Design Closets
Ps. Purple look like in this photo. Photo not set to true colour.
This is always a problem when we take photo.
Camera is some how colour blind so some colours.
Eg. Purple become Blue, Mint become blue, Green become blue, Hot Pink become red.
That's why we always photoshoot all our photos one by one to get the true colour of the clothes.
But in blog... Lazy to do so :p
So true colours of the clothes will only be reveal during launch or FB preview.

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Love this top as it's basic ! ! !
Best for school and casual days.
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Fold up the sleeve and you will achieve another look.
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Flip it over for another colour.

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Pink vs Cream. It's always The Design Closets favourite.
Sweet as always.
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Flip Flip.....

What else will be launching in this upcoming collection... ..
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V Front Pleated Waist Band Dress
As seen on Eleanor in this post: The Orange Thimble
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Collar Buttons Romper
Which i wear it in my Chinatown Heritage Centre blog post.
This romper also come with a nice black belt w gold bucket.
Not shown in the photo as i just got it from my factory :p
Hope this post will get you girls excited another our next launch! :x


  1. Hi! Do you have any more stock for the reversible tee top? It looks lovely!

  2. Hi Babe, All sold out already :)