Monday, April 30, 2012

My Daily Face Care Products

Daily Face care routine is very important for all ladies.
Here's some products that i use for my daily face care.

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Cell Revive Mist Toner from The Face Shop.
"AGE"... Yes I am Aging... Can't believe that I am 26 years old this year.
Tot I just celebrate my 21 Bday? Forever 21 which all ladies wish ;)
But too bad Time Fly super fast.
By the way, I love this Toner!
Cause it's spray! For Lazy person like me :p
No Cotton pad needed. Just spray and pad it on face.
I use it after I wash my face and before i do my make up.

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Moisturizer and Eye Cream from Clinique.
Which can be use below make up too.

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Love this moisturizer. Non Sticky.
Absorb very fast into my skin.

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Eye Cream for my dark ring.

Mask! Mask!
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Sleeping Mask from The Face Shop
Lots of friends using this.
Highly recommended!
My face will be very soft and smooth in the morning if i use it at night.

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My Beauty Diary Mask.
Believe that alot of you already know this brand.

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Anti-oxidant & Firming.
My Fav! Love the Smell.

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Whitening & Toning.
Another Fav!

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Moisture & Smooth Skin

Start maintaining our face and keep our youth now ;)

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