Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advertorial: Candilicious Nails

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Did my new Gelish Nails at Candilicious Nails. Its a home-based Manicure & Pedicure.
Love gelish! Cause gelish nail don't chip or peel off + it can last 3 to 4wks :)
My polish always get demage after I packed my stocks and parcels :(
So gelish nail allow me to have beautiful nail even after all the packing.
Candilicious Nails also offer Acrylic & Normal Express/Classic Nail Services.
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I believe that everyone is afraid to enter a stranger place without knowing how does it look like.
So i am the one that trying this out on everyone behalf ;) haha.
This is the room that I  did my nail in. So sweet right. Its clean and very comfortable.
As you can see Candilicious Nails has a full range of colours for Gel polish and OPI nail Polish.
So no doubt that the products that they use it Thumb Up!
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This is Shanice. The Store owner :)
Very Friendly and outgoing lady.
We have been talking non stop during the service.
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Price Chart of Candilicious Nails
Express Manicure & Pedicure - $15
Classic Manicure & Pedicure - $40
Gelish Mani/Pedi - $40/$50
Check out on their web for more info.

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Usual Price for my set of nails cost S$110.
But now its only S$68 + Free Express pedi for my readers.
Only Valid for booking before 9 Dec (with S$20 Deposit)
Period of usage 27 Dec 2011 to 10 Jan 2012.
So remember to quote my name when u visit her to get the special price ;)

Love my set of Nails?
Contact Shanice to make ur appointment now!
9431 4895

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Sneak Preview :)

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