Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yuki! My little prince

Finally done with my 2 project.
One more group project to go and I will be done for this year.

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My little prince. Yuki!

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Pass by Tampines MRT yesterday and took this photo. Why did I took this photo for?
mm... seriously...I don't know. Everyone standing there with their camera taking the photo
of this moon and star. So i just join in. izzit special? anyway i feel that the moon ytd is pretty :p

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Preparing for Closet 26 shooting now.
These are some of the item to expect in closet 26.
Sorry i know i don't show out the item best.
That's why i hire my pretty models.


  1. That's MARS, a planet.

  2. Anonymous said...
    That's MARS, a planet.

    Cheryl <3
    Oic. Didn't know that i am so lucky to see Mars with my naked eyes.
    Thanks for telling me that :p