Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TDC Clearance sale.

Saw some comment about why TDC do a clearance sale!
Even on closet 25 clothes.

First I have to apologies to those who purchase closet 25 item which happen to be one of the sale item.

Reason for Clearance sale
I am moving soon to my new house(not really new. rent a 2nd hand hse)@ punggol. Is a last min decision by my dad. As the contact here is due and the owner don't wish to renew the contact. So no choice, gonna move :(
Girls, sorry about it. cause i really need to clear all of this before i move.
Else it will be a big headache for me here.

Actually, quite difficult for me to do this clearance sale at this point of time.
As I justcompleted one of my project on Mon( 6 Sept) and there is one more due on this coming sat.
Which i haven't touch it yet. stress :(

Is 4.30am now. Gonna go to bed now and wake up early to start on my project :)

Will promise to bring in nicer clothes for closet 26.
And thanks for your support for Closet 25 and the latest sale v(^.^)v

PS. I really need a auto invoice system. Replying all email by myself. dieing....

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  1. jiayou girl.. need any help can give me a text.. jiayou wor.. take care :)..