Saturday, July 24, 2010

Closet Collection 22: Preview

Sorry didn't update my blog for so long.
One of the reason is because my camera is spoil.
I drop my digital camera that day. so sad.
Still waiting for the samsung lady to call me for collection :)

Aubrey off for this week. But end up MC since thur.
High Fever. Busy taking care of him.
Hope he can recover soon.

Was editing Closet Collection 22 photo just now.
Some preview of it here :)

Knotted Toga Top. One of my favorite in this collection :)
Come with 4 colours. Which can be wear for both work and school.

Bandage Tube Dress. Remember the Bandage Tube Romper in our past collection.
Customer was complaining then I should bring in more qty for it.
So is back now in dress :)

Prints Maxi Dress. A must to have in all lady closet.
I kept one of this for myself. Is made of chiffon. Best for beach :)
Oh ya. My new hat. Sweet right :p

Zoe Favorite in this collection.
Sweet for work

Patch Dress/skirt. Love the colours.

Join TDC Mailer now to know the launch date and time :)

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