Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My New Ribbon

TDC Sale Up for both Closet & Spree Collection on 26 May, 11am.

Got my new ribbon accessories today from a online store.
Sweet. Gonna ask Zoe to use it for next photo shoot.
wanna tie my hair to match with the ribbon.
But before i can do so, mama start nagging at me again.
Dinner time! had my dinner at 1130pm. v bad.
but no choice class end at 10pm, reach home around 11pm.

27 May , yeah. 3 more days and dear dear will be back.
Recently, alot of my friend go apply for new HDB.
Mum ask us to apply too. As need to Q. and HDB need a few years to build too.


  1. haha.. as requested.. :P
    Where u bought ur ribbon??

  2. haha. what as requested!
    bought it here :)

  3. Haha.. jk.. =P
    Thx for the site (:

  4. u can go try applying... cuz BTO takes about 3yrs to build. no harm trying... =D

  5. Ya Loh. heard that bedok gonna have a new site for gov. Is simei green style. mean Gov condo. i waiting for that to open.