Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hareway's Product

Hareway Not only have DIY IPL Machines
Read about Hareway DIY IPL Machines here.

They also have their in house products for face and body.
Evelyn chosen some product which she think my skin need it badly.


All Hareway's Product can be use for both Face and body.
I have dry and sensitive skin.
Which cause ugly scars on my legs.

Mild Whitening Scrub and Corrective lightening Lotion
Will help to lighten those scars on my leg.
These product can be use for areas like underarm too.

Moisturizing Body Scrub and Vit E Body Butter
Will ensure that my skin is soft and smooth at all times.

Best Selling Products of Hareway.
Which is also my favourite product!



Of Course the rest of the products are great too!
Love both the scrub, Really smooth and non sticky feeling after using it.
Can't wait to have all my ugly scar on my leg to go off after using
Corrective ligntening Lotion and Mild whitening Scrub.
Can See that my Scar has been lighten after a few use.
Will Blog about it after I get ride of it ;) !!!

Click on logo to enter Hareway Website
and start shopping now :)

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