Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thistlebelle Nail

Sleeveless Button Down Shirt
(Coming soon)

Currently one of my Favorite top!!!
I Kept all the colours!
Blue, White, Black & Wine

Polyester. One of my favorite material.
Reason: Unlike Cotton, Polyester look slightly more structure and neat.
Unlike Chiffon, Polyester isn't sheer. So no inner lining need. More Comfortable.

Love The Cutting.
Not Body hugging but yet i can see my waist ;)
It just shape out well.

It's easy to match.
Denim Shorts, Floral Shorts, High Waist Shorts & High Waist Skirt!
Match it with a formal Skirt and it will look like a formal wear too.


My 2nd Date with Jun Ying!
Thistlebelle Nail
My Hair Seem to cover my whole head. :p

Jun Ying is so Pro!
She finish this set of nail in around 2hrs or less.
I requested for a darker tone. Black with Gold but yet girly.
Cause I still need to pack parcel, so usually like colour nail don't last long for me.
Just by a few words, Jun Ying is able to create what i want!
Love it!

Eleanor Turn.

So Sweet!
Totally Suit her well.

06 07
Eleanor in Open Collar Shirt Dress(Black)
Love her eyes colour.

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