Monday, October 10, 2011

My Work, My Life, My Routine

As I mention in my twitter that i will blog about my work.
Why am I doing this?
Lots of friends Thought that as a owner of an online store i will be very slack and relax life.
Why do you guys have this kind of ideas in mind?
This isn't commented by one person but many of them.
Quite upset about it.

Maybe friends can only see the end product of the work which is the photos and the clothes.
But the process of making these clothes and photos they can't see it.

Things that I do:
1. Seek for new manufacture designs.
Looking though tons of magazine and website just to work out a few designs.

2. Send design to my supplier and descript the detail to her.

3. Meeting with supplier to look at the sample.
Alter and choose colours. Choosing colour is the most scary task for all online store owner.
I can see many of us banging on the wall. Running around the office to ask everyone which colour do they prefer.

4. Stocks arrive.
Cab down to my supplier place and cab back home with all my barang barang.
Carry up and down all my one person. Cab Uncle hates me. They hate to see lots of barang barang.
Just because I got no license. Gonna get it after i grad.

5. Clearing spaces for new stocks at home.
Problem without office, always headache of this issue.

6. Arranging studio and model for shoot.

7. Photo taking session.
Iron clothes with streamer will took me more than an hour.
Indoor is usually 2hrs and 4hrs for outdoor shoot.
At this stage i will work as a photographer too.

8. Photoshop
All photo have to be handle one by one to ensure all clothes are set to the true colour.
Always having this problem of magenta turn into red. Green into Blue.

9. Uploading into the web.

10. Replying invoice.
This task took hours and hours to complete.

11. Handle enquires

12. Verfiy Payment

13. Do parcel list and stick on the parcel + stamp.
TDC parcel address is all printed out and stick on the envelop to min human error.

14. Packing parcel and categories them into 3.
Normal postage, register mail and courier.

15. Sing post and arrange for courier.
Alt days I will cab down to sing post to mail the parcels.
Ya alone again, some time i have to trouble my dad to drive me down as the parcels is way to heavy for a lady to carry.

16. Upload parcel list online.

17. Others
New web design coming soon. But this web design company is giving me so much trouble.
Really waste alot of time communicating with them.
New TDC logo coming soon too. Looking forward, as its done by my professional friend.
New Event coming out. This is a sercet. :p but both Eleanor is so excited over it. Just went for the meeting on Mon.

I working 7 days. Even if u saw me replying you that I don't handle emails on weekend but i am still working. I only skip Task 10, 11 and 12 on weekend so i can focus on the other 14 tasks.
I believe that I have more tasks than this but can't recall it now.
They always say "you own time own target. how busy can u be"
How to own time own target when all my time has been use up for work?
They can still have their salary at the end of the mth if they took 7 days to study.
As a store owner, we can take as many days off as we like.
But the end result is eat grass and no $ to pay for the coming stocks.

So be fair to us. Most of the online store owner are doing a one man show value chain.
Everyone is busy for a living.
So stop saying that Cheryl is very free and say that I am not working!!!
I am working!!! For The Design Closets Pte Ltd !!!
Only friends that work in this same line as me will understand.
But we love what we are doing, do you love what u are doing now?
(ok feel like whacking myself too :p )
Many people work for money but I work for a name.
Hoping that The Design Closets can grow bigger and faster.

Was thinking having a break from 17 oct to 28 Oct.
As my exam fall on 27 Oct, 29 Oct and 9 Nov.
One collection took me more than a week to do it and i got no time to study T.T

I can foresee that my customer chasing after me for prom collection if i take off from 17 oct to 28 Oct.

Still thinking about it. But I hope this is the last Exam leave i am going to take. Keep my fingers cross.

* Gonna set up a mini studio at home tml. can't wait for the equipment tomorrow :p

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