Monday, June 6, 2011

Closet Collection 48: Preview

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A-Shape Skirt
Available in Grey and Pink
TDC Picks: Cheryl in Grey, Eleanor in Grey

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Diamond Pleated Dress
Availble in Pink, Mint and Navy Blue

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Double Kismet Stripe V Tee
Came in Blue too, as seen in the banner above.
TDC Picks: Cheryl in Blue

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Photo colour abit diff from the rest.
cause I try to set the skirt colour closest to the true colour
Folded Maxi Skirt
Available in Emerald, Electric Blue, Black, Coral Red
Coral red as seen in the above banner.
TDC Picks: Cheryl in Black, Electric Blue. Eleanor in Coral Red, Emerald.
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Scallop Hem Dress
Available in Apple Green & Cream

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Slouch Button Top
Available in 7 colours: Lemon, Purple, Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Cream and Pink.
TDC Picks: Cheryl in Dark Grey, Light Grey & Pink. Eleanor in Light Grey & Green. Jun Ying in Light Grey & Pink.

View Part one preview here.Do note that this isn't a full preview.

Other design to expect:
Cape Emerald Dress
Beads Chiffon Top
Cotton Trend Coat
Embroidery Tank Dress
High Waist Shorts with Belt
Scale Chiffon Dress
So do check our THE DESIGN CLOSETS on 8 Jun(Wed) 8pm Sharp!


  1. How much is the maxi skirt?

  2. How much is the maxi skirt? May I know the measurement of the maxi and whether it has side zip or smoked back?


  3. S$25
    no zip. Smocked at the back :)
    ptp 10.5~16.5"
    length 32"