Monday, April 25, 2011

My Holiday Plan!

Yeah! done with one paper (prices and market).
Two more to go. One on 3 May another on 9 May.
Sad. One paper per week. Make me relax and study slowly for it.
Even after my first paper, I still don't have any exam mood.

Most of my friends finish their paper on 3 May. Only me on 9 May!!!!
They are all taking HR and Finance as their major.
Only me... Marketing :)

Got a brain full of after exam plan!!!
1. TDC photo shoot right after my paper 9 May.
Will put the preview up once i shoot it or tweet it (faster :p)
2. Launch Collection 45 on 10 May
3. Bring grandmum out for dinner.
4. Go to HK 16 May to 21 May!!!
Both Eleanor and Me treat our mum to HK as their Mother day present. 4 persons trip.
5. Launch Collection 46 on 23 May.
6. Gonna date my gf out. PCS and Eileen. Miss you girls so much.
7. Aubrey promise to bring me out for 好料. *he got his bonus! :p
8. Meet uni friend to malaysia
9. Meet Amanda and Ivan to malaysia
10. More Kbox session !!!!
I believe that I got more than 10 stuff which i wanna do.
But i can't recall it now.... :p

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