Sunday, January 9, 2011

Closet Collection 36: Preview

Added more item to the preview :p
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Prints Ruched High Bandage Dress
TDC Label

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Flutter Sleeve Cheong Sam

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Grecian Overlay Toga

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Embroidery Doll Top
Available in 5 colours: Pink, Yellow, Green, brown & Navy Blue.
A Top which all of us keep a piece each.
But all of us match it with a tube, as the V is quite low.

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Floral Structure Dress
I am totally in love with the blue version.
It come with a brown belt too.

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Laced Cheong Sam
I love to wear black. But my mum will kill me if i wear black for CNY.
So this dress will be best for girls like me. Black But some colours to make bright :p
Come with a detachable sash. Note that, this dress got a little of slimming effect.

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Tiered Knotted Back Tunic
It doesn't look similar from one TDC collection But this time round with more colours
Available in lime, Pink, Purplish Blue, Fushia, Brown, Sea Blue.

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Bow Chiffon Dress
Note that the satin isn't that shiny like the one seen on peach.
Very Lovely and sweet dress which come with a detachable sash.

Ps. There will be lots of manufacture dress coming mid of Jan. 

Please note that TDC will be close on every weekend
Sorry girls, gonna tell you girls about this.
Cause I need more time for my family and boyfriend. Boyfriend complaining already :(
My bf is a army regular, so weekend is the only time which we can spend together.
I will usually finish as much stuff as possible during weekdays and save my weekend for him.
So girls who send their email in on late fri night till Sun night, will be reply on mon morning.

All emails and parcels is handle by me alone. I will try not to let you girls wait for more than 24hrs before I reply ur email, so please do not resend your email to remind me about ur payment. As every time u resend, your email will be push back and delay.
My lesson usually falls on Mon, Wed, Thur 7pm - 10pm.
(so no way for me to look at my mails :) during these time)


  1. what is the ptp for Floral Structure Dress

  2. What is the ptp for the embroidery top?

  3. Where are your clothes being manufactured?

  4. hey there,

    what's the ptp & length of the printed ruched dress?

  5. hihi, whats the PTP for the toga dress?

  6. hi i would like to ask you how to remove underarm hair effiectively without leaving black spots?

  7. Hi,

    Mai know the ptp" for the Flutter Sleeve Cheong Sam? THks..

  8. Sorry :p was rushing today. DIdn't have time to reply Q :p
    Anyway all ans can be found in closet 36 already :p

  9. Anonymous Anonymous said...
    hi i would like to ask you how to remove underarm hair effiectively without leaving black spots?

    Cheryl <3
    You can try waxing.

  10. No $$$ to go waxing! Any other ways? :)

  11. I shave it then apply nivea armpit whitening cream. Pluck shld be best way to avoid that problem. too lazy to use this method :p