Thursday, December 30, 2010

TDC Team

Love my whole TDC team.
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Hendra, the owner of the studio.
Busy taking out all the cakes he have from his client to share us.
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Some Cakes which none of us dare to try it.
Cheese cake?!?
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Cheese cake?!?! Special :)
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Amanda, TDC cute model.
Amanda insist of taking photo with the present which i bought for her.
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more photo. I don't like to take photo with my model during shooting day.
They always have nice make up on. But me... I don't like heavy make up.
Unless special event.
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Eleanor, My Best Helper in the studio.
Always help me up with the clothes. Iron them, take measurement and fold them well after the shoot is done.

Who else in TDC team?
- my mum, the packer. Packing parcel is the worst. She will always help me up if she got time.
- My Boyfriend, the driver. Always drive me to studio and drive me to sing post if he is on leave.

Thanks TDC team member for helping me as much as you guys can :)