Saturday, November 13, 2010

Re-Define! Shot: Behind the Scene I

First Outdoor shoot with Aubrey!
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Re-Define! Shot Approached me for a vintage outdoor shoot with my bf a few mths ago.
There will be some goodies for TDC Customers too :) (Coming soon...)
Nervous!!! is the only word to describe my thoughts.
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First outdoor shoot and first time being shoot by others.
Usually I am the one behind the scene for TDC shoot
This item another way round.
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Both Aubrey and I are noob for this.
"Act natural!".....So difficult.
"Dun Smile" and fill the eye with love to my partner!
Cannot!!!! Without Smile mean no love, Only a eye fill with Sa qi! Haha
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I think the best photo will be those without our face. haha.
anyway here is only some photo behind the scene by my camera.
There are more photo with
Re-Define! Shots
Can't wait to get from them :)

Overall, Fun with
Re-Define! Shot team
but TIRED!!! Pray for Good weather mean HOT weather! MELT!!!
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Shall end this post with a photo of the camera man :p

Gonna shoot for TDC next collection tomorrow.
All email in my mail box will be clear on Mon.
Sorry to keep u girls waiting.

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