Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Convertible Dress Tutorial

Just finish settling emails. Gonna continue packing stock for sending tomorrow morning.
Both Mum and Dad is out to batam for church camp from mon till thur.
Got about 10 free dumpling on sunday. So dumpling everyday. sick of it :p
Went to orchard yesterday afternoon. to get my eye brow trim and collect my Vivi mag.
Eleanor choosing her donuts!
In Love with my mango drink.
They are so pretty.
I want to wear a kimono! So sweet and cute. Love their colours.

Play with my convertible dress today,
actually want to do a tutorial out for The Knotted Tube.
However, abit difficult to take video myself.
Think have to wait for Eleanor to help me with it :)
Here is some of the close up for certain style
The Front Twist Halter
1. put the 2 sleeve up and tie a knot.
2a. Tie around neck and around the waist, end it with a ribbon behind.
2b. make a cross across the back and around the waist, end it with a ribbon behind.
The Knotted Tube
This design is the most complex ways to tie the dress.
Don't think you can find video of it in youtube.
cause invent by me :p or maybe already got others tie it this way, but i didn't know.
1. Tie a knot and move it to the left.
2. go 1 round to the back and to the front.
3. Tie a knot at the upper right.
4. go another round to the back and back to the font.
5. Tie a ribbon at the front waist area.
Wonder if you girls can understand what i trying to explain,
cause it is quite difficult to put them in words.

The rest of the design can be found in youtube :)
Just search "convertible dress".


  1. hey :D how do you come up with the bandaged tube effect with the convertible dress? :D

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I will try to do a tutorial out asap.
    Hopefully a video tutorial.
    Give me some time to do it.
    as i am busy with exam at the moment.
    actually u can get one of the dress and try it out. v simple to tie :)